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Currency exchange case

Problems need to solve

  • Poor brand awareness among non-crypto audiences on CIS market. The brand's need was to attract new users and introduce them to the platform.
  • The client contacted us with a request to attract new high-quality users to the platform.

Task and project description

​​Currency is a worldwide trading company. With a new marketing campaign, they wanted to generate a great amount of video content and attract new high-quality users to the platform. At the starting point, we had to create a new marketing strategy. Relying on that data, we had four big tasks: 

  • Build a brand new influencer marketing strategy 
  • Shoot new videos for social media
  • Find influencers in travel, tech, crypto, and lifestyle niches 
  • Increase the client’s recognition on social networks


We gathered our efforts in the creation of quality video content for worldwide geo, targeting the main goals of the client: brand awareness, recognition, and new user attraction.

Strategy and goal setting

We have created an influencer strategy for new user acquisition, attracting top influencers in crypto, travel, and lifestyle niches. We shot 270+ videos for different social media platforms with the best influencers from dissimilar niches and regions. Our campaign was targeted worldwide to increase brand awareness and recognition in all regions. 

We released 270+ videos on different platforms with the help of the best crypto, travel, lifestyle and tech influencers. The videos had outstanding quality with a clear message for the new audience.  

We started by creating a new series of videos explaining the benefits of the exchange. That allowed us to make a universal approach to magnet new users. 

The next step in the strategy was finding the right influencers who could tell the world and the audience about that business.  The list was huge because we used a lot of bloggers and influencers in all possible geo. 

redesigned home page


We did deep niche research to understand how this business works to beat competitors and make a strong strategy for video and influence marketing.

influencers for crypto example

Our focus

We focused on several key elements. Firstly, the visuals should be high-quality and professional to represent the brand best. Secondly, the messaging should be tailored to fit the core values of the company and its target audience. Additionally, any influencers included in the campaign should have large followings with an existing connection to the crypto industry. Finally, clear goals and objectives should be established for the campaign before it is released to measure the effectiveness of influencers’ work.

Instruments and limitations

  • Market analysis/niches (Data-Driven Analysis)
  • Influencer marketing plan+ expenditures plan
  • SMM
  • Video-ad+ performance
  • Reputational management

Influencer marketing for cryptocurrency exchanges can be an effective tool for increasing awareness and engagement. However, it is important to be aware of the limitations that come with this form of marketing. Firstly, this type of marketing relies heavily on the audiences’ trust in the influencers they follow; if there is a lack of trust, then the campaign may not have the desired results.

Additionally, due to its digital nature, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of each influencer’s contribution throughout the duration of a campaign. Finally, as the crypto industry is known to be highly volatile and unpredictable, influencers must be regularly monitored in order to ensure that their content aligns with the company’s messaging at all times.


Our main directions were great influencers and outstanding video production. These things allowed us manage our marketing goals.


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