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1MDE is a WordPress website development agency comprising highly qualified and skilled developers. They can create a unique, custom-designed WordPress for you at a reasonable price in a short time.

WordPress website development services

WordPress is one of the most popular site builders present in the world. Almost one-third of website users prefer using a WordPress website because it is convenient to use and has the highest number of features. No matter how complicated or simple your website is, WordPress is the ideal choice.

It offers you easy management, free installation, high functionality, and unique features. The best thing about using WordPress is that it offers easy customization. You can customize the theme, design, and everything according to personal preference. WordPress website development is easy and requires no startup material or massive investment. Moreover, there is no HTML code or programming language needed to start it.

Advantages of a WordPress website

Developing a site with WordPress is easy, even for those who have never heard of it before. It includes all the essential elements you need to create a high performance and highly functional WordPress website.

Unique design for your WordPress

A WordPress website with a unique design and appearance can improve your brand’s public perception. Also, an optimized website lets the visitors quickly navigate its pages and find their required sections.

Website development using WordPress should be user-friendly and optimized to facilitate visitors in all capacity. An experienced website developer will ensure your site doesn’t look mediocre or unappealing.

What do we include in WordPress website development services?


Custom theme and design

We can help you create a WordPress site that features the most advanced design and a user-friendly theme. We make sure that your website is smooth and easy to use and understand. WordPress website design and development allow you to choose a theme according to your taste and perfectly fits your website type. We use different themes for e-commerce stores and blogging websites and make sure they are mobile-friendly as well.


Plugins and widgets development

Plugins and widgets are essential tools for diverting traffic towards a website. Our team installs high-end plugins to your WordPress website so that you can easily rank your website higher on search engines. They also help you add contact forms and increase website speed. Through our installed plugins, you can add new functions to your site whenever you want and improve functionality.


Site Optimization

The WordPress website development process is not short and simple. But don’t worry because our team has got your back. With the aid of our services, you will get a fully optimized website. We perform on-page, off-page, and technical optimization so that your website’s ranking can improve. It is also vital to increase customers and generate sales.


Management, support, and maintenance

Providing you with our services means being there for you through thick and thin. We create a site for you and offer you full management and maintenance services. We audit and analyze your website’s performance and make amendments accordingly. We have different tools and software to check your website’s speed, security, and ranking.

What will you get from our development?


Latest tools/plugins

You will get a custom design and theme website with the latest features, widgets, and plugins installed through our development process. We also perform SEO and technical optimization, which means your WordPress website will be fully optimized.


Highly-skilled team

Our developers are highly skilled, well equipped, and well informed on the latest WordPress website and design development trends. Our work model is reliable, efficient, and flexible. You can benefit from our services as long as you want.


Quality services

If you are looking for an agency for custom website development WordPress, then look no more. We have a WordPress website development company in the USA that comprises component developers.

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