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Producing attractive and relatable commercials is the best way to connect to your audience. If you want to flaunt your success or introduce a new product, a compelling commercial is a way to go

What do we provide during commercial video production?

When you have a professional video production agency on-board, you don’t have to worry about the type of content your project entails. Whether you need full-length commercial or crisp announcement video messages, 1MDE does it all. Our video producers have excellent command in all content fortes, ensuring you get the best services.

What do we include in commercial video services?


Market research

Knowing what your competitors have already covered in their commercials is important before we finalize any idea. Therefore, we conduct market research, which mainly includes competitors and your customers' preferences. Once we're clear about what to add in your order commercial and what to avoid, the next stage is to shortlist ideas.


Concept development

Our creative department pens down your ideas, motivation, and business objectives to facilitate the concept development step. Moreover, we discuss these raw ideas with you beforehand to ensure we're on the same page. When a video feels relevant, it generates more ROI and accessibility.



A commercial video must be convincing and unique to grab the customers' attention. The imaginative writers at 1MDE storyboard an advertisement that conveys an actionable message, regardless if it's for sales or announcements. If you have a vague idea about your commercial video, share it with our team, and we’ll incorporate it.


Production and editing

Then comes the phase where we put our ideas to the test and create commercials for your company. No matter the duration of this commercial video, 1MDE never compromises the quality and uniqueness. Our video producers have exceptional color-grading skills that can make any video enjoyable.



Once your commercial video is ready, you get a chance to watch it and suggest any changes. Our editing team notes those pointers and presents a project that satiates your requirements to the fullest. If you feel anything is missing from your business commercial video, let us know, and we'll re-edit it ASAP.

What will you get from our production?


Compelling marketing campaigns

Whether you need a single shot of your product or a more detailed advertisement campaign, 1MDE should be your last resort. Since we've been in the field for a while, we know what works in the promotional domain. Hence, our ad campaigns deliver incredible ROI and brand reach. No matter which media platform you prefer, the commercial video won't lag in any aspect.


Inclusive content

Our creative department has already covered various niches, which indicates our grip in all kinds of content. Whether you need the commercial for educational purposes or to announce a product update, the content won't fail you. Since we do market research beforehand, the message is prepared according to your target customer base's demographics.


Optimized videos

The commercials for business must be curated according to the requirements of the intended media platform. Whether you wish to launch it on mainstream channels or social media impacts the content type. 1MDE considers the limitations and rules of a platform before creating any content, saving multiple resources.

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