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1MDE is a full service digital marketing agency with an excellent command on most marketing domains. Our in-house team includes seasoned web developers, digital designers, video producers, and marketers to make your business venture sail smoothly. Whether you need a fully-integrated business website or a music video to jump-start your career, 1MDE full service marketing and advertisement agency is a call away. Our exceptional command on all digital domains is evident from our completed projects and happy clients because we never implement mediocre ideas. If you need experts that present actionable solutions for your business requirements, our full service B2B marketing agency should be your final choice.

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Our Mission

1MDE full service digital marketing agency aims to be the ultimate resort for your business needs, irrespective of their scale. From developing a responsive website to generating leads for your company, we have mastered everything in the digital domain. Our mission is to present a comprehensive digital services’ package to every business, irrespective of its scale. From new start-ups to well-established names, we help every company rise above the competition and achieve its goals. We integrate genius brains with the latest technology and bring the best digital marketing services for our valuable clients. Our tested business strategies offer incredible ROI, and never let your brand lag in the market.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that every company deserves to utilize its true potential and achieve its objectives, irrespective of the hurdles. This philosophy has led us to be a full service marketing communications agency that doesn’t let anything stop your business’s growth. Our data-driven and vigorously-tested marketing services generate quality leads, growth, and ROI for your business without taking months. If you’re tired of those lousy marketing tactics, approach our full service digital marketing agency and see

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The Power of Interactive Content in Email Marketing

interactive email marketing tools

Are you looking for an exciting new way to engage your email subscribers? Interactive content is the answer! By combining traditional emails with interactive experiences, marketers can create emails that draw consumers in and drive conversions.

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Legacy Service

Tasks that were given by a client:

- Create a marketing strategy for 2020 year
- Make a new website
- Make SEO for a new website

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Aqua design pro

Tasks that were given by a client:

- Make a new e-commerce platform
- Make simple payment integration process
- Create a promo video for business

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Room 5280

Tasks that were given by a client:

- Make a commercial video for lead attractiveness
- Create a strategy for PPC campaign
- Manage and optimize PPC campaign within marketing budget

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State Farm

Tasks that were given by a client:

- Estimate growth potential of sale
- Create and manage PPC campaign
- Decrease lead cost and increase sales

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Digital marketing

We desided to hire 1MDE for our digital marketing strategy for the 2020 year and didn’t regret that desicion. Their strategy brought us 120000 net income in first 7 monthes that really exceeded our expectations. Very happy to had them with us, will sign a contract with them for the next year surely

John Stock

Marketing director

Web development

Hired 1MDE to create a e-commerce platform for selling aquariums and related items. Development took around 7 monthes, but we got a really unique and customizable website with simple payment process. I really recommend 1MDE for e-commerce development

James Hurt


Commercial video

Ordered commercial video for our company and we were amazed by quick responce and video production process. Everything went smoothly and we had a great commercial at the end. If you want to order video production services than call 1MDE

Ann Child

Brand Manager at Room 5280


We asked 1MDE to estimate our growth potential of sales on the Internet. They developed a strategy for hypothesis testing and conduction of experiments for the definition of the most effective channels for sales in the Internet and the result was incredible. 1MDE managed to increase sales, and decrease lead price. Great job!

Meredith Burkholder

Business Developer




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