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1MDE has made video production an easy task for businesses. Whether you need a promo for your upcoming project or wish to tell your brand’s story, our premium video production services are here to help.


About service

What do we provide during video production services?

We can never deny the importance of attractive graphics and compelling words because they deliver a message better than any other medium. Producing a brand promo, commercial, or even a portfolio to flaunt the completed work is one such easy way that hardly goes wrong. When you acquire the services of expert writers, voice-over artists, and video producers, they present an incredible video for your business. 1MDE feels that finding reliable corporate video production services is hard on the pocket, which is why we have recently launched these packages.

If you’re launching a new product, make a video promo and excite your viewers. If you’re expanding your company, record your band history and let people know how you reached here. These efforts keep you alive and known in the business race because, without them, only a percentage of customers know what you’re up to. If you’ve planned to organize your brand’s social media handles, make sure they have impressive visual appeal and a compelling message for the viewers. 1MDE video production service package will take a hefty burden off your shoulders by suggesting and developing relevant content for the viewers.

Our video services


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What we offer

What will you get from our production?

Making your business ventures faster and easy-to-manage is our primary goal, so we strive to bring out the best services. Video production is less common but more effective when we talk about smart marketing. If you succeed in delivering a powerful message in your videos, it builds a trust factor between you and the viewer. Therefore, 1MDE video production agency is here with its impeccable video production services that can make any brand be heard and seen.

  • Full-spectrum video production

    Why worry when you can find every video-related service in one place? 1MDE video production company has devised its video production services to save your time and resources simultaneously. No matter if you only need a script or a fully-produced video, our team will provide. Since we offer full-spectrum video production services for every company, you won’t have to look elsewhere for a change or addition.

  • Best equipment

    Since the 1MDE video production studio offers an extensive range of services, our equipment is undoubtedly par excellence. We use the best-quality video cameras, mikes, and software to ensure your brand’s video is top-notch. If you want us to add a specific audio/video clip in the final product, that’s also doable because we believe in personalized services.

  • Incredibly talented team

    1MDE regards talent and has highly-skilled people on-board. Our experienced writers, voice-over artists, video producers, and editors put together a remarkable event video production that boosts your image. Since we have an in-depth knowledge of the digital domain, we follow on-going trends and make sure your video doesn’t seem boring or too “salesy”. Whether you need the video for marketing or showing your staff’s efforts, its quality will surely be admirable. 1MDE vigorously tests a video before finalizing it as that removes several flaws. Our team includes a senior editor that scrutinizes every aspect of your video before Okaying it to preserve your company’s standards.

  • Collaborative work

    Whether it’s a promo or a portfolio, business video production shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you present a terribly-produced video, it repels both your potential customers and partners. Therefore, 1MDE keeps you on-board throughout the production phase so that the final product is according to your taste. We discuss the script, production phase, and animation with you before starting. Also, we’re all ears for your suggestions and ideas, as that’s what makes 1MDE a one-stop solution for the business world. If you’re searching for the best video production near me, 1MDE is the best bet.

How it works

01. Strategy

Before creation of project we need to define the steps and goals. What we need to achieve by the video, what we are going to show, what marketing channels are we going to use, what will help to client?

02. Production

On this stage we are covering all steps, starting from pre-production to filming and post-production. We care about every single detail in the process.

03. Distribution

We delivering our product to the eyes of the people. Starting from TV and finishing with any Internet resource. We covering every single part of the system.

Our promo video

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