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1MDE is the world’s top-notch iOS app development company that provides various services to the people, such as iOS app development. We have a team of highly experienced professionals. 1MDE creates apps as per the client’s requirement at affordable prices.

iOS Applications for Business

We live in a business and communication world, where every business needs to stay in touch with its clients and customers. If you lose touch with the lead-generating source, it is obvious you will lose it all. But the real question is how to stay in touch with these people and manage it in the best way? Well, it is easier than ever before because your smartphones have your back. What’s the point of having an iPhone, iPad, and those heavy iOS apps when they can’t be of value to you? It is the right time you hire iOS mobile app development agencies and get your business on track.

Advantages of iOS Application for Business

There are so many advantages of iOS app development for your business, such as:

Easy Management

It is all about management and being organized in a business. If you don’t have a set of priorities or sequence, you will never succeed in life. You might arrange everything in your mind, but you won’t remember it after 24 hours. So, it is best to have iOS apps and manage everything with a single click. You can arrange your contacts, data, schedule your meetings, mark important events, and even make to-do lists using iOS apps. Let iOS mobile app development agencies develop management apps for you so you can:

Increased Productivity

iOS apps will also help you increase your productivity. The truth is, when we are working 24/7, we forget to take breaks, eat properly or drink water. These things might sound like nothing but have adverse effects on minds, health, and productivity levels. Our minds can’t remember small reminders, and neither can we hire someone to remind us to have water or food. And neither can anything remind us to take a short break. All these things are important from a business perspective because the higher your productivity, the more the company will benefit. So, hire iOS app developers and ask them to create productivity apps for all your employees, so they can:

Easy Access to All Files

Most businesses prefer keeping all records in the form of hard copies. But long gone are when it was a good choice; these days, it’s all about online storing and sharing. Businesses should keep their files on iOS apps, clouds, etc., so they can share the information from anywhere in the world with other clients and not lose a single chance of winning big projects. So, hire iOS app developers and ask them to make apps to store all important office files for you in softcopies. It will help your business because:


Transparency is a must in every business! If your company doesn’t have loyal employees, you can never succeed. So, hire an iOS app development company and ask them to create apps for you that can ensure transparency. It should more likely have features that provide attendance and accuracy in the finance department. iOS app development has made transparency much easier in business:

Increase Your Sales with iOS Application

iOS app development services can be of great help to you and your business. The biggest perks of having iOS app development are that it can help you increase your sales. For instance, if you are selling online clothes or real estate services, you need to post about them on your websites. But what’s next? These iPhone apps can help you track the number of your sales, your old customers, new customers, engagements, and conversions. You can also test your marketing strategies and decide what’s better for your company and what not!

iOS app development services can also help you reward loyal customers, manage your accounts, send newsletters, push notifications, keep an eye on branding and push notifications. As online retailers, iPhone app development should be a must part of your business plan, otherwise don’t expect yourself to edge over the big market players.

How we Develop iOS Applications


Idea Generation

Step one of iPhone app development is idea generation. So, we have a one-on-one talk with our clients and ask them about what app they want, their vision, and what features they wish to see in their applications. Along with these things, we also ask them about the expected number of people who will use the app and a lot more. Once we have all the basic information, we present our clients with themes, colors, etc., so they can choose the first look of their app.


Market research

We do not blindly provide iOS app development services to our customers. Instead, after receiving our client’s basic input, our team indulges in market research to analyze the latest iPhone app development trends. They also see what their competitors are doing and create a strategy that will work long for customers.


Building and testing the app

Once we have the input and stats of market research, then our team starts developing the app. We ensure our application is exactly how the client wants it. We add all navigations, themes, and layout along with the features so we can test if the applications work properly or not. After this, we run a trial, discuss it with the clients and make amends if required.


Submitting it to the App Store

After completing iPhone app development, we submit the app to the play store upon clients’ approval. Once approved, the app is ready to use, and everyone, including the client, can download it and start using it!

What will You Get from Our Development?


Affordable services

Unlike all other iOS app development agencies, our services are very affordable. We do not compromise on the quality at all, yet provide value for money to our clients!


Skillful Team

Working with 1MDE – an iOS app development company – will assure you one thing – a skillful team! All our workers are highly experienced and know what they are doing. They don’t make rough guesses and wait for luck to play its role. Instead, they have mastered the art of iOS app development and produce the best results.


Efficient work

We have an efficient team who don’t like delays! We finish our projects on time and deliver as we promise. Our team is professional, so expect nothing less!

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