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1MDE is a top-class company and have a team of highly skilled professionals who use modern methods and practices to provide clients with Advanced Technical SEO services.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a method used to optimize a website for the indexing and crawling phase. It helps search engines access, interpret, and crawl a web page without any issue. It only deals with technical issues and has nothing to do with the website content or promotion and networking.

There are numerous Components of Technical SEO that contribute to crawling and indexing of a website. Some of the essential elements of Technical SEO are website speed, mobile-friendliness, site architecture, HTTPs, and structured data markup.

Technical SEO Ranking Factor is something every SEO specialist focuses on the most. It aims at providing search engines what they want. So, to rank your webpages higher, consider some factors. Some of them are mobile adeptness, loading time, 404 errors, metadata optimization, and active robots.txt files.

Technical SEO Checklist

A technical SEO expert knows his work better than anyone else. Our team knows about technical SEO ranking factors and performs tasks as per these factors.

Some of the fundamental elements are a specified domain, optimizing website’s structure, and navigation—other than this, schema markup for breadcrumbs and structured data of home page and posts are also substantial. Ask your agency to fix 404 errors, enable HTTPS, and register the website with the Google search console. Lastly, make sure that fast website speed is fast and mobile-friendly.

Why Technical SEO Is Important and How it Affects Your Business?

Technical SEO Services


Technical SEO Consultancy

Our Technical SEO Consultant can advise you on any technical related issue that your website is facing. They can also provide you with a strategy to improve your website. Our consultants can help you optimize your site, fix indexability problems, and troubleshoot any problem. So, whatever you need, our team is a single click away.


Technical SEO Optimization

Our team can help you properly optimize your website efficiently and effectively. We deal with your website’s technical aspects, including its architecture, speed, code, errors, crawling, and indexing. We cover all essential Technical SEO checkpoints and make sure nothing is left behind unfixed.


Technical SEO WordPress

WordPress is a very diverse platform, and people from different walks of life prefer using it because of ease and convenience. Technical SEO must be performed for the smooth and efficient running of it and the purpose of higher ranking, indexing, and crawling. It includes managing website speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, fixing plugins, optimizing site structure, eliminating crawl errors, etc.


Website Architecture and Structure Review

We help build a proper website structure for you because it is an essential element for better ranking. A good website structure is also beneficial to promote a better user experience.


Technical SEO Audit Free

An audit is essential to keep track of the website’s performance. If you don’t know how to do a technical SEO audit and get rid of flaws and make room for improvements, we can provide you with the Best Technical SEO audit for you, that too free! Our Technical SEO Analyst can give you an accurate report of the audit and give you some suggestions and recommendations.

What Will You Get from Our Technical SEO Campaign?


Tested SEO services

Our team works strategically and keeps an eye on everything, be it the site architecture, Google algorithm, market demand, or competitor’s strategy. We continuously monitor and analyze everything and provide our customers with satisfactory results.


Seasoned team

If you are looking for an agency or a team of trustworthy and efficient professionals who can help you out with the Technical SEO of your website and provide Technical SEO Audit Service, then you are in the exact right place. Our team has experts for every task and can ensure you high-quality results in a short time at affordable prices.


Quick follow-up

We keep our clients well-updated about their project to ensure we’re on the same page. Whether you need a change or want us to drop a particular service from your package, or a highly-responsive customer support team is a call away.

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