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1MDE is a development agency whose primary goal is to create a fully optimized, high-performance landing page using modern designs and the latest features.

Landing page development services

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage used by marketers and product launchers. The owner of a company or campaign manages needs to create a website or page on which the customers directly land. These pages have one sole purpose, and that is the call to action. It is designed in such a way that customers and buyers feel attracted and avail of your services. However, note that the landing page and homepage are different. Home pages introduce users to your entire website and let them explore and choose their choice services, whereas landing page exposes them to a specific campaign, product, or service. A landing page for a web development company is a must in today's digital world.

1MDE is a development agency whose primary goal is to create a fully optimized, high-performance landing page using modern designs and the latest features.

An explainer landing page is an informative and well-detailed page. They feature attractive graphics and explain the pros, cons, and convince customers to buy their services by giving them proof. It helps the customer understand why the products or services are suitable for them or what they will gain from the campaign. If you have an educational course or drive for expensive products, you can benefit from them. Hire a landing page design agency to create a custom-theme page for you and sell your product like hot buns.

What is a landing page, and why do you need it?

Different consumers use different types of landing pages according to their business niche and campaign or targeted audience. Lead generating landing page target your website visitors and potential clients by getting their personal information like name, email address, qualification, etc.

Exciting a viewer about your services/products is easier when you have put together a catchy landing page. In the marketing world, no one has time to go through different mediums and see if a person is reliable. They prefer a one-time click that opens up to a wider information base; landing pages do exactly that.

What do we include in corporate website development?

We are a corporate website design agency and can help you create a highly functional and user-friendly corporate website for you in less time and at an economical price.

Our team can create a corporate website design for you depending upon your niche, products, and audience. We use attractive themes and simple layouts, so your customers and clients do not get confused.

We also use simple and easy to understand navigations and keep your corporate website as distraction-free as possible. Your website design matters a lot; hence we make sure it is the best of all. We also offer customization options, so our clients can choose the theme and layout according to their choice. Moreover, we also add additional features on the client's requests.

Our top landing page development services include


Web and App development landing page

An engaging landing page would help in getting more visitors. Our experts ensure that the final product appeals to the visitors and force them to visit the website and app again and again. We’ll create a custom based designed web page for you featuring all the necessary information and an exciting call to action.



We make use of various tools to ensure easy integration of your landing web page. We help you manage your clients and acquire and convert leads. We also guarantee customer satisfaction, working client relations, and running successful marketing campaigns.



Our team doesn’t only help create the web pages but also ensure that all the pages are properly optimized. The landing web page is a stand-alone page but optimizing it is more critical than a full-fledge website because it provokes clients to take action. From a clear CTA to pertinent information about your business, we ensure your landing page has it all.


User-centric design and mobile responsiveness

Most users will click through your link and drop on your landing page via their mobile devices. Hence, we make sure to use theme and design equally appallingly on the phone and computer. We ensure it's smooth running on every device.

What will you get from our development?


More conversion

You will get a lot of advantages by using our landing page design and development. It will help you reach your business goals as your product and services are catered to the targeted audience only. You will also see a significant increase in the number of viewers and conversion rates.


Easy analysis

Our web developer landing page will also help you track your sales and traffic and record insights. Your paid search campaigns will boost, and your email and subscription list will too flourish. Lastly, it will help improve brand awareness and increase credibility.


Well-integrated pages

If you are looking for a landing page development agency, you are in the best spot. Our team has experts and professionals who can create an exceptional, high performance, and fully optimized landing page for you in minimum time. Our landing page development cost is very affordable, so look no more and get the best for your campaign.

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