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Having a mobile application can result in being great for your business. It comes with lots of incredible benefits such as building your brand’s image, boosts profits, and much more.


Our services

Android App Development

iOS App Development

AR App Development

Wearable App Development

When it comes to the Android OS, there are many opportunities offered; however, there are some challenges faced in the process. Our developers make sure to overcome all the challenges faced when developing an Android App just for you. Moreover, we make sure to position your app at the top of Google Play!

App Development for Business

App Development Services that we Offer

If you are someone looking for a talented company to develop the kind of mobile application you have always wanted, we are the perfect option. You name it, and we deliver!

We are an app development company that focuses on providing you with the app of your dreams. Our production and development process is quite simple. However, we make sure to communicate with you the entire time for constant feedback.

Our services include the following:

  • Customized Applications

    Want applications to suit your needs? We are here to help you! We believe each brand has its own identity. The credibility of your brand is increased once your audience knows you are original. This means, by customizing your own app, you won’t be copying anyone else. You will not be using the layout and the features of other apps out there. This will help build your identity, and your audience will find this quite impressive.

  • User-friendly Apps

    We are a mobile app development company that promises to develop a user-friendly mobile application. We want to make everything easier for your audience and do not want them to face any issues at all. Our app development team is highly professional and makes sure to develop apps that are not only user-friendly but are responsive as well. Your apps will work fine on every platform for sure!

  • Skilled Developers

    Our team at 1MDE consists of skilled individuals who are confident and are experts in this field. They listen to you carefully, come up with practical solutions, and make sure to overcome any challenges. Our brains are filled with ideas for your ease!

  • Latest Technology

    Now, we are all aware of the fact that we live in a technology era, right? There are new technologies introduced every now and then that simply leave us speechless. At 1MDE, we use the latest technology to develop your apps. We believe people out there opt for apps that are well-developed and use the latest technology. This is why we pay attention to this matter at all costs.

  • App Maintenance

    We also offer app maintenance services for your ease. Once your app is developed, there are instances where maintenance is required. This is where we play a role and offer an incredible maintenance package just for you. This keeps your app going, and you won’t face any complaints at all.

  • A Healthy Work Atmosphere

    The best part about hiring us is that we work in a healthy work atmosphere. There is no space for negativity in our work environment, and we make sure to give our developers peace of mind. Our entire team is always working together and pitching in ideas whenever needed. We believe a healthy work environment is what leads to much better results. Once you hire us, you will love everything about our company. Be it the employees, working environment, technology, and more.

  • Custom Packages

    Did you know that we offer custom packages for your convenience? Yes, that is absolutely true. We come up with a custom package that is built on your needs. We ask what price range you are comfortable with and facilitate you in every possible way. Do you want to develop a brand new gaming app? Or are you a fan of a dating app? From creating an app to redesigning it and maintaining it, we make sure to serve all your needs. You can also remove any service from the customized packages we offer.

  • Follow up

    Facing an issue with the app just launched? Simply contact us, and our CS will answer all your queries and guide you regarding the next steps you need to take. We fix all your problems right away!

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We upload your app into the App store or Play market

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