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1MDE is a top-class company comprising highly skilled and experienced professionals who help you dominate the digital era with their well-planned strategies, tools, and PPC services.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is an e-marketing model in which a company or business drives traffic towards its site by paying for it. It is an inorganic way, which means you buy visits and not earn them.

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into this process, as it requires proper keyword research, ad placement, campaign management, marketing, advertising, and so much more. As business owners, you might not be aware of how it all works, so you need to hire a top-class PPC management agency to provide you these services.

The Pay Per Click model works as a triangle because three parties are involved in it: publishers (website owners that display ads), PPC networks (Google ads), and advertisers (business owners). The advertiser pays the network to provide them ads to show on the network, and when visitors click on those ads, the network charges them, and publishers also receive half of the revenue.

People who want to promote their business fast and earn colossal revenue should invest in it for promoting their business. This can save them time and reach the target market.

Proper keyword research is the only thing that can give you an edge. In this competitive time, we can help you find suitable keywords like those with high conversion rates and an exact representation of your services and products. Moreover, negative keywords should be ruled out, and the competitor's keywords should be studied.

What is PPC for Business?

Each business has a set budget for promotion, advertisement, and marketing. A lot of people still use traditional methods like using banners etc. But it is not going to work anymore, as things have changed a lot in the past few years. Now it is a digital era, and Google ads and PPC are the two main factors that can take your business to new heights. It makes results quicker, more efficient, and more reliable. We can help you buy visitors and boost revenue within no time through our tested methods. Business can use:

What Are Our PPC Services


PPC management services

Having a rough knowledge of PPC keywords or PPC Marketing can never be enough. That is why we provide our customers with management services and take care of everything related to it systematically, be it keywords, ads, mini-campaign, remarketing campaign, or landing page and proof reporting.


PPC optimization

We aim at skyrocketing the effectiveness of your ads. We help you optimize ads and beat your competitors with our tested methods. We also ensure continuous monitoring of your ads and site.


PPC campaign management

A PPC specialist can run your campaigns most effectively and efficiently and provide you the best result. Our team focuses on creating an effective campaign according to your niche and goals. Moreover, adjustment and making amendments are also a part of our management services.


PPC audit

Our services also include audits because we believe that keeping track of everything is essential for making improvements. It helps rule out any flaws and adopt new techniques and methods to stay on top of the game.

What Will You Get from the PPC Campaign?


Customized services

1MDE devices its services according to your business needs and budget; our PPC packages are no exception.


Fast turn-around

We value your time and ensure your PPC campaign is up on the websites shortly after you book our services.


Professional staff

Our highly-responsive customer support team is a call away to listen and answer your queries; get in touch!

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