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Producing a good music video can make or break an artist's career. If he doesn't acquire the best music video production services, his music hardly resonates with the audience. 1MDE has experience in music video post-production, which will make your dream come true.

What do we include in music video services?

Whether you're an established name or a starter, don't settle for an average video production strategy because it's the deciding brick of your career. From artsy music concepts to abstract ones, our production crew has extensive experience in all genres.

And since uniqueness is our priority, you'll never find plagiarized or copied music video concepts at 1MDE. Let's brainstorm together before we decide how to proceed with your special project.

What do we provide during music video production?


Concept development

This is the most crucial and impactful step that the music video production crew has to decide. Since the competition and saturation are strenuous in the music industry, we spend the due time creating a unique video concept.



No matter how good a concept is, it cannot be nicely implemented unless we use the right tools. 1MDE takes care of these technical aspects, as our equipment collection is top-notch. We specialize in cheap animated video production that will make you a well-known name.


Location ideas

Whether your music video demands outdoor shooting or indoor, we'll recommend the best locations for it. We also arrange on-site technical equipment, music video pre-production, and shooting permits.


Pre and post-production

From organizing on-site essentials to the music video's exhaustive editing, 1MDE doesn't leave any stone unturned. Our editing team is always open to discussions and changes that you might suggest in your music video.



Since our creative department includes many talented people, you won't have to hire someone else while producing a music video. We offer album photography, portfolio pictures, and behind the scenes shots.



If you want to remove a shot or change it a bit, we're on it. Since the 1MDE music and video production department believes in the projects' personalization, we're all ears about your recommendations.

What will you get from our production?


Impactful ideas

How you portray your music video determines its intensity. If you stick to an average concept that doesn't trigger a viewer, it doesn't serve the purpose. Similarly, worn-down and heavily-used music concepts don't make someone incline towards your music. Therefore, the creative brains at 1MDE come up with novel and intriguing ideas that impact a viewer.


Attractive visuals

Our affordable music video production is well-admired for its emphasis on quality. We have the best equipment and highly-skilled people on-board that turn any project into an interesting one. The significance of cinematography can never be overlooked; hence, 1MDE ensures your video showcases your talent to the fullest.


Top-notch production services

1MDE takes care of every technical and creative aspect of your music video to meet your expectations. If you want to kick start your career, get the best advertising film and music video production, and see the magic happening. We don't overlook the minute details, which later impact your credibility and public perception; try and see.

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