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capital.com influence marketing case

Capital.com case

Problems need to solve

  • Poor brand awareness among non-crypto audiences on the European market.
  • The brand's need was to attract new users and introduce them to the platform.

Task and project description

Capital.com is an FCA, CySEC, ASIC, FSA, SCB, and NBRB – licensed company committed to building the world’s best trading experience. With a new marketing campaign, they wanted to generate a significant amount of video content and attract new high-quality users worldwide to the platform.

Our tasks were:

  • Create social media marketing strategy
  • Find influencers in tech, crytpo, lifestyle niches
  • Shoot around 100 videos on crypto topics
  • Increase high-quality users


We gathered our efforts in the creation of quality video content for European geo, targeting the main goals of the client: brand awareness, recognition, and new user attraction.

Strategy and goal setting

For capital.com, we have created a marketing strategy that resonates with the European audience. To achieve this, we have carefully curated a plan that is limited by geographical boundaries. We have collaborated with key influencers from around the world to help spread the word about the platform and its unique offerings.

Our team has also developed an innovative influencer-marketing approach that centers around the top bloggers in the travel, lifestyle, and crypto niches. By partnering with these thought leaders, we have amplified our message and reached new audiences that are highly engaged and interested in our platform.

To effectively communicate the value proposition of the platform, we have created an extensive library of video content that can be shared across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitch. In total, we have produced over 150 videos that highlight the benefits of our platform within the crypto world, showcase positive reviews, and highlight unique selling points.

Through these efforts, we are confident that we will continue to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and, ultimately, increase the adoption of capital.com platform.

capital.com influencers


For capital.com, we have created a marketing strategy that resonates with the European audience. To achieve this, we have carefully curated a plan that is limited by geographical boundaries.

influencers for capitol.com example

Our focus

At 1MDE, we prioritize a holistic approach to our marketing campaigns, which entails careful attention to various critical elements. Our campaigns focus on delivering exceptional visual experiences that are professional and reflect the brand’s ethos. We believe that visuals can leave a lasting impression on our audience, and as such, we provide high-quality graphics, images, and videos.

To make sure that our messaging resonates with our target audience and aligns with the company’s core values, we have a dedicated team that works on tailoring the messaging for each campaign. This team uses the most effective communication strategies and messaging frameworks to craft compelling messages that resonate with our audience.

When we select influencers for our campaigns, we prioritize those who have a significant following within the crypto industry and an established connection to the capital.com brand. We believe that influencers who are already interested in our brand are more likely to create authentic content that resonates with their followers and, in turn, drives engagement.

We also set clear goals and objectives for each campaign before its release to measure its effectiveness. This approach helps us to track our progress, identify areas of improvement, and ultimately optimize the performance of our campaigns. At 1MDE, we strive for excellence in all our marketing endeavors, and we believe this approach is vital in achieving objectives.

Instruments and limitations

  • Market analysis/niches (Data-Driven Analysis)
  • Influencer marketing plan+ expenditures plan
  • Influencer Marketing on YouTube, Snapchat and Twitch.  

  • Video-ad+ performance
  • Reputational management


Our main directions were great influencers and outstanding video production. These things allowed us manage our marketing goals.


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