Promo videos

As people continue to depend more on the rapidity and convenience of digital service delivery systems, which include the web, smartphones, tablets, and social media, viewer attention has become a premium. Instant gratification is the order of the day, so you to say what you want to say quickly and well.

Traditional TV jingles are restricted to about 15- or 30-seconds. But with us, your promo can be as long as you want it to be. In any case, there is a general focus:
Let them eat out your hands.
Delivering a well-tailored message targeting a particular population is bound to engage them in leaps and bounds.
Visually inventive, self-explanatory, and unforgettable video promos by 1MDE are a sure-fire approach depict your product and get up close and personal with your desired audience.
1MDE is poised to collaborate with you to ascertain your target demographic, and professionally develop a fresh and alluring concept. We can also sit down and discuss the best way to integrate existing clips, music, and sound bites to produce an exciting, thrilling promo that is destined to amaze and engage people. There are no roadblocks hindering the extent of our creativity in our promise to deliver top-shelf promo video content. We orchestrate the micro-interactions of the elements at our disposal to create a modern-day masterpiece, guaranteed to get everyone clamoring for your services.
Are you in need of a promo video to drive unlimited patronage to your product or services? Do you want your project to be the talking point of all and sundry? Bank on 1MDE to deliver creativity to all your promo footages!
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What we do?

Videos for any industry:

  • Generate interest in your project
  • Disseminate information
  • Inspire viewers to gain an understanding of your product
  • Create excitement and buzz around the brand

What will you get?

  • Modern and attractive promotional video
  • Increased product and brand recognition
  • Bigger revenue

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