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Ad case for insurance agent

Insurance agent case

Problems need to solve

  • Bad reputation
  • Low ranking, decreased visibility, and inability to increase reach and sales
  • Fewer convertible leads
  • Estimate the company's growth rate

Task and project description

An insurance agent of company X addressed our company 1MDE and asked to estimate his growth potential of sales on the Internet. Input data – to buy an affiliated ad from Company X to advertise company X’s products is suspiciously expensive and low effective, as such advertisement is available to other insurance agents as well.

And it’s not unique in all available advertising forms. Till the beginning of co-operation, the Agent generated leads, by buying them on the platforms- aggregators for $50/lead.


We had to estimate a company’s growth rate, increasing brand awareness, and calculating sales potential on the internet.

Strategy and goal setting

We developed a strategy for hypothesis testing and conduction of experiments for the definition of the most effective channels for sales in the Internet. We set a goal – to receive a maximal number of conversions in the framework of a fixed monthly budget from each of the available channels.

We also provide insurance plans to our clients as per the requirements and current state. Our goal revolves around ensuring your company’s growth, increasing firm reputation, and building positive relationships with clients.


We collected all the necessary information from the client and wrote a development strategy for the company

Instruments and limitations

Official Agent’s site and official Facebook page. Advertising channels:

  • Facebook
  • Adwords – search
  • Adwords – GDN.

The efficiency was estimated by:

  • A call (lead)
  • A message to the Facebook page (lead)
  • An average conversion % from all site visits (lead)


The work on our insurance agent case is authentic and reliable because we follow an adequately planned procedure. We develop and ensure the best marketing strategies and promote new insurance contracts.

Results (3 months)

  • Facebook:

1300 link clicks for $0.93 23 leads (messages) for $12.32

  • Adwords:

272 calls for $4.50 210 link clicks from the search system from the ad for $3.36 858 link clicks from GDN for $0.50


1MDE applied the best tactics to meet clients' goals and analyzed his competitors' best tactics

Results and scale up

ROI (3 months): 155% Lowering the average cost of lead attraction for the client by 11 times (!) From $50/lead to $4.5/lead.


1MDE brand sign – the cost of lead was

1MDE gray brand sign – the cost of lead became

Growth potential

$1 000 investments – $2 500* earnings

$5 000 investments – $12 500* earnings

$10 000 investments – $25 000* earnings


1MDE brand sign – investments

1MDE gray brand sign – earnings

*without account of expenditures for the client “managing”, is discussed at person, depends on the ad budget


We plan and provide the best strategy for a company's growth, boosting sales and conversions, which provides positive results.


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