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marketing case for home improvement company

Home improvement company case

Problems need to solve

  • The client wanted to be in the top 3 for commercial Google searches for the keywords "roofing", "siding", "windows" in Great Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Northern Delaware regions in 2 years
  • Redesign the website and increase its conversions

Task and project description

The home improvement company contacted our company 1MDE with the task of creating a marketing strategy for their company to attract new customers from 3 regions. At the starting point, we had a non-user-friendly website with bad download speed. Relying on that data we had 4 big tasks: 

  • Build a SEO strategy for the main commercial keywords “roofing”, “siding”, “windows”
  • Reach the top 3 in Google and beat competitors in the niche
  • Make a complete website redesign that will convert leads using lead magnets
  • Increase the client’s recognition in social networks


We gathered our efforts in the development of a website that can attract customers, which is great from a UI and UX standpoint, targeting the main goals of the client: SEO, lead generation, lead magnets, optimized website for ad campaigns.

Strategy and goal setting

We started with creating a new website design combining principles of  UX and UI elements. That allowed us to make a more universal and easy-to-use interface, set up the lead magnets, and make a properly configured sales funnel. 

During development, our SEO specialist did all the necessary work for the technical and internal optimization of the site. That work helped us beat up the competitors and reach the top 1 on google just in 1 year. 

Our SEO strategy also included local SEO promotion, within which we created sites for each location in the district and optimized them for commercial requests, which brought $1,500,000 net income to our client during the year.

The next step in strategy was creating several pages for social media. We created pages for IG, Youtube, BuildZoom, and BBB, we also updated the FB page. 

redesigned home page

The next step in strategy was creating several pages for social media. We created pages for IG, Youtube, BuildZoom, and BBB, we also updated the FB page. 


We made deep niche research to understand how this business works to beat competitors and make a strong strategy for development.

new manufacturer design

Instruments and limitations

  • Market analysis/niches (Data-Driven Analysis)
  • Marketing plan+ expenditures plan
  • Brand style development (branding, social networks, video, outdoor advertising, site)
  • Site development 
  • SEO
  • PPC + performance
  • SMM
  • Video-ad+ performance
  • CallTracking
  • Adjustment and improvement of the company internal processes
  • Reputational management


Working with the most relevant fonts, colors, and grids, we implemented the most modern technics and practices in the creation of a user-friendly website. The website is mobile-friendly and shows a great download speed. It's very easy to navigate on the phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer which gives customers a way to work without any difficulties.


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