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Aqua Design Pro is an online store project that requires a simple implementation of the CRM system,
the connection of online payment systems and a convenient UX/UI design for users' journey.

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Aqua Design website portfolio

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How to attract clients to the new business. How to make interested people buy? How to make visitors believe, that service will be legendary? Client had this questions when we started to work together.

We gathered our efforts in development of the website that can attract customers, that is great from UI and UX standpoint. Also, we put together the idea of commercial website and online store, targeting the main 2 goals of the client: sales of aquariums, bubble walls, ponds and waterfalls as a project and retail sales of fish, corals and all other parts of aquarium environment.




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Working with the most relevant fonts, colors and grids, we implemented the most modern technics and practices in creation of user friendly website. Ability to choose color, size and amount of products were integral parts of work of online store and we successfully met this requirements.


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Product page example


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All websites have to be mobile friendly today, and Aqua Design Pro is. Its very easy to navigate on the phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer which gives customers a way to work without any difficulties.

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