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Promo video creation

Nov. 17

How to create a perfect promo video?

A promo video is a video clip created to promote a specific event, sale, marketing initiative, etc. Producing a promotional video is a great way to increase interest in your business from existing customers and attract the attention of new leads.

For example, you are about to host a Black Friday sale. Or you open your diner with delicious pancakes. In both situations, creating a promotional video can be very useful.

The purpose of a promotional video is not to advertise your brand or product – the main goal is to make people interested.

And if a person is interested, he will have a desire to learn more about your business, visit your website, or, in fact, your event. Promo is like a movie teaser – you create an impulse to people to find out more.

Nowadays, when a person receives a mass of information during the day, it is harder and harder to surprise and interest. And at the same time, most people perceive information well with visual and audio reinforcement. It awakens emotions and creates associations in the human brain – especially if the video is composed correctly.

A promo video should be short (this will increase its chance of being watched to the end), funny, with engaging graphics; without imposing a purchase idea. Providing a person in a thirty-second video with only a grain of information but with the proper emotional color and a beautiful image or graphics is sometimes more effective than it might seem at first glance.

That is why the production of a promo video can be a decisive factor that will interest a person and turn them into your lead. In this article, we will walk you through this process.

Promo video production can be divided into 5 main stages:

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Producing
  • Edits
  • Promotion

Script your video

First of all, you should come up with the concept of your project and write a script. Ask yourself: what am I promoting? What is my target audience? In what form is it better to present it to people? What emotions do I want to evoke?

Choose the keywords and key phrases. Their choice must be approached with special attention since they will form a significant piece of interest-creation information.

Don’t forget about the time. Your best bet would be to produce a thirty-second video. Thus, you will achieve maximum concentration of attention. Of course, you can produce a promo video lasting a minute – one and a half minutes, but this we can’t recommend that.

Storyboard your vision

Think about the setting. Shooting angles. Emotions and clothes of people. Work on the details. All of this will play a role in the perception of your promo video. The more attention you pay to the stage, the easier montage will.

The more footage, the better. If you’ve spent enough time filming, you can make multiple versions of your promo and then choose the best one.

It is best to use graphics to enhance the visual impact; plan how and where you will implement it.

Also, if it comes to a promo video for an event, you can use footage from your previous events. Be sure to take the time to choose the key elements of your previous one. It will help you to promote the upcoming one.

 Produce your video

The previous two stages are over. Now it’s time to produce your video! You have already decided on all the details, and you just have to implement them. Experiment with angles, lighting, shoot multiple takes. As described above, the more video material you create, the better. You can also use the chroma key to implement the most abstract ideas.

Make edits and don’t forget about graphics

Once you’ve finished filming, it’s time for editing. Pick the best moments and combine them, and do not forget about the importance of using graphics. With the help of graphics, you can visualize sound information and thus improve its perception. Therefore, if in your promo you talk about discounts, dates, promo codes, etc., be sure to display it graphically.

Also, with the help of graphics, you can focus on the most important information, thus making your story as accurate, vivid, and understandable as possible.

 You are ready to promote it

Now your video is ready and it’s time to promote it and release it to the world. At this stage, you have one task – as many people as possible should see your video. And you have several ways to do this.

  • Social media. If your business has a social media page, then your subscribers (target audience) will immediately pay attention to it. If your promo is really interesting, you can count on its further distribution in the depths of social media.
  • Email newsletter. You can send regular newsletters to your subscribers. Letters will contain information about the upcoming event/discount, as well as your promotional video. For greater confidence in the success of this method, you can send multiple emails (within reasonable limits)
  • Advertising. You can buy ads both in social networks (Instagram, Facebook) and in search engines (PPС advertising), although the first option is more promising for a promo video. By spending some money, you can easily increase the reach of people who will see your promo. In this case, the number of leads will also increase significantly.
  • Website. Be sure to post your promo video on your website: If your site has good traffic indicators, then it can be very helpful.

Let’s summarize

Making a promo video may seem like a daunting task for someone. For someone else – just easy. But in fact, the answer lies in significant effort. To create a high-quality product, you have to spend a tremendous amount of time, apply imagination and abstract thinking, assemble a team for filming.

But despite this, a promo video is a great way for your business to express itself. A competently produced promo video will help you increase the number of clients. Create your script and work it out thoroughly, storyboard your vision, devote proper time to producing and graphics. And you will succeed.

The 1MDE team is always ready to help you with the creation of promo. Our employees are highly qualified in the field of digital marketing and promotional video creation, and they are always ready to share their experience with you. Each of your ideas is great in itself, and our task is to help bring them to life.


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