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Mar. 1

How to choose a web development company

As statistics show, having a website for your business gives a wide range of new possibilities. It allows to bring under new markets, increase the reach of the audience, attract regular customers and increase income and lower costs. Indeed, this definition is correct if we are talking about a well-designed and well-developed website. Choosing a web development company is an extremely important and primary step.

There are many web development companies on the market. Some of them have a large number of employees and are engaged in the widest range of services, while others have just 10-15 employees and are more highly specialized. Some of them have already earned recognition and a good reputation, while others are just beginning their digital journey. 

When choosing a web development company, you can always come across both honest and reliable teams, and those who are primarily interested in your money, and not their reputation. Here you will find information on how to make the right choice of a web development company and get an excellent result.

Difficulties in choosing

The main difficulties in choosing a digital agency lie in the variety of services they offer, and it is easy to get lost in this digital depth. Each team specializes in some specific services/platforms where they have the greatest experience and which they can implement at the best level. This is why a clear understanding of your goals and desires is a great start.

The main options for developing a website include:

  • Template websites
  • Custom websites

Template websites

A template website is the easiest and fastest option. It is enough to purchase a template from one of the specialized resources (such as WordPress), and then fill it with content. Many web developers use this method because it is quite easy to use and requires minimal time and money. So, if your budget is tight, this is a great option.


Custom websites

Custom websites are developed individually, according to the client’s vision. The designer plays a significant role here – he is engaged in the development of custom solutions for the future website.¬†

It is a great option to stand out from the rest, including template websites. Such a project requires huge financial and time costs, but they will bear good results over time.


E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites are designed to sell products online. They can be released on an existing platform or be custom developed. 

The development of E-commerce websites is quite complex. The complexity lies in the fact that developers have to create many product pages and integrate additional functions Рpayment systems, social networks, feedback systems, and CRM. 

It increases the development time because the implementation and testing of so many pages and functions is not a fast process.

4 easy steps to choose a web development company

Assessment of the company’s portfolio

After examining the portfolio of a web development company, it will immediately become clear to you what type of services they specialize in, as well as whether this agency is suitable for you.

The portfolio of a web development company can be seen on their website as well as on their social media pages. Looking at the portfolio will help you understand the pros and cons of each agency. Perhaps there you may find interesting works and ask the company to use some specific elements you have seen in the portfolio while creating your website.

Read reviews

There are many reviews websites around the world. You will not regret it if you check them, because the reviews can help you decide to hire or not to hire an agency. The most popular IT platform with reviews is Clutch. Reviews on this website are published only after an interview with a client, which eliminates the chance of fake reviews.

If you are dealing with a local web development company, you can check Google my Business reviews on his location. Do not forget to check reviews on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Talk to previous clients

Communication with previous clients of the digital marketing agency is common practice. They will help you find out the pros and cons of a given team and share their experiences.

Check the agency’s website

By analyzing a marketing agency’s website, and content quality/relevance, you can easily conclude their skills. After all, if a digital marketing agency is not able to create the highest-level website for their needs, they will not be able to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Local/outsource agencies

An important point is the choice of a digital agency based on the location. Local companies have their pros and cons, as do outsourcing companies.

Local marketing agencies

The positive aspects of working with the local agency include ease of communication and easier solutions to legal problems. The disadvantages include the high cost and duration of development.


Ease of communication

If you have chosen a local digital agency, it will be easy to communicate with them. Firstly, meeting face to face you could easier explain your vision of a future project. When meeting online, you do not have to consider a difference in time zones.

Legal problems

When working with local teams, you will always have more confidence that if something goes wrong due to the fault of the digital marketing agency, the law will be on your side.



Local web development companies (Especially in the united states, Canada, western Europe) will always charge bigger checks for their services than outsourcing companies. Marketing agencies from Eastern Europe and Asia are ready to work for less money. It can be useful if you are just starting your own business.

Development duration

Usually, local digital marketing agencies have a fairly high workload, which is why you will most likely have to wait longer for the implementation of your project than if you used the services of an outsourcing company.

Outsource marketing agencies


Narrow specialization

Small outsourcing agencies are engaged in a specific type of digital services, in which they have extensive experience.

High qualification

Since outsourcing companies have a high turnover rate, the most technically professional employees often remain on the permanent team.


Time zone difference

Since outsourcing companies are based in other countries, making online appointments can be challenging.

Cultural difference

This can be a potential problem when working with an outsourcing marketing agency and may cause issues.


Website development is an important task. Having your website will increase the number of clients and increase your income. But this issue needs to be taken seriously.

The 1MDE team has significant experience in the field of digital marketing. Our agency has been successfully developing websites of all types for a variety of needs. If you have any questions about website development or any other area of digital marketing, we are always ready to help.



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