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How custom design affects your sales

Nov. 17

How custom design affects your sales

In modern realities, a lot of purchases are taking place online. More and more businesses are going online to meet the needs of buyers, and this trend will continue in the next years certainly.

The main goal of every business is to increase the number of leads and their conversions. The number of leads is influenced by many factors. To transform from a visitor into a lead, a visitor has to go a long way. Your task is to shorten his road by optimizing the user interface and user experience.

The user interface (UI) is the look and function of the website, while the user experience (UX) is the visitor’s journey through the website. The factors that significantly influence these two concepts are:

  • Conversion focused custom design
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Unique mobile adaptation
  • Continuous A/B testing
  • Fast loading speed

Conversion focused custom design

The first impression of your website is formed by the visitor in the first few seconds of viewing the page. If you want the visitor to stay on your website and not close it, the UI must be at a high level.

The design should be unique, and at the same time – intuitive. The color scheme – harmonious and attractive. A custom design is always better than a template design, although this option is cheaper. By creating a unique page design, you have many more things for your imagination. Moreover, if you create something unusual and eye-catching, it will attract the visitor’s attention.

Don’t overdo it with SEO optimization. If your texts are spammed with keywords, it may increase traffic to your site. However, this will not bring a positive impact on the conversion rate. The articles should be easy to read. It is best to arrange it in separate small blocks instead of filling all the free space on the page. Also, the visitor will be pleased to see specific information on your page that answers questions that arise in his head.

User-friendly navigation

Website navigation should be clear and understandable for the visitors. Otherwise, they will leave your page. Opening your webpage to find a specific service, product, or information, the visitor has questions (What do you provide, cost, etc.). And he will not waste his time looking for it in the depth of your website. So, having a clear and easy-to-understand navigation bar will significantly improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

Unique mobile adaptation

Mobile devices occupy an increasingly large part of human life, so, mobile adaptation matters. About 17 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and more than 55 percent of users avoid websites with poor mobile adaptation. Also, if a website has poor optimization for mobile devices, even a person who intentionally visited the site to make a purchase may leave it. That can happen due to interface elements overflowing each other, broken functionality, etc. That’s is why it is so important to take the time to perform a thorough mobile adaptation and optimize the mobile version of your website.

You can create a separate mobile version of your website or use adaptive/ responsive design. Consult with experts to decide which of these options will best suit your needs.

Continuous A/B testing

Continuous A/B testing means that over a long time, you will try various design options to find the best one.

At the moment of developing a design for a website, it will be appropriate to create a path for a potential buyer through your pages from the moment of visiting to buying / filling out a feedback form. Having established several of these schemes, you will understand which pages you need to focus on, which interface elements have to be optimized, and so on.

Later, when your site is online, you can use Google Analytics to check how correct your ideas were. Based on data from Google Analytics, you can see the actions of your website visitors, how they move through the pages, etc. With this information, you can adjust the estimated path and make minor changes to the design/text of the pages. By trying different options, you will come to the most optimal one.

Fast loading speed

Most visitors wait no more than two seconds for a page to load before leaving a website. That is why it is so essential to ensure fast loading speed. To optimize the website loading speed, you can use the following methods:

  • Use quality hosting. The better the characteristics of the server that host your website, the higher the loading speed is. Also, it is always worth giving preference to hosting that is geographically located as close as possible to your target region.
  • Content optimization. The less your website weighs, the better the page loading speed will be. Undoubtedly, images have a fairly large weight compared to other elements of the page, so it is worth paying considerable attention to compression. There are many web platforms and utilities that are created specifically for image compression. Be sure to use them.
  • Competently written page code. Entrust the development of your website to experienced programmers who know how to implement lazy loading and other tricks that will increase the loading speed.

It is also worth paying attention to JavaScript – if it is not optimized, the loading speed will decrease.


Maintaining your business is not an easy task. You have to continuously adapt to changing conditions and trends, comply with new rules. If you want to make your business competitive on the Internet, you need to do a difficult but quite doable job. It includes website development, SEO optimization, writing texts and articles, and most importantly, developing a design that will arouse visitors’ interest and attract their attention, guiding them step by step to the moment of purchase. Never neglect your website’s mobile adaptation or loading speed, take the time to develop a quality design, and never stop experimenting.

Use the tips above and your conversion rate will increase and you will get a good result. The 1MDE team is always ready to help you with these tasks. We have significant experience in digital marketing, and we are ready to apply it to help you and your business. Our team consists exclusively of highly professional employees who are ready to make every effort to complete tasks of our clients at the highest level.


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