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Seo tips with statistics to boost traffic

Nov. 17

5 SEO tips to boost your business

Generating more traffic and more leads is a crucial challenge for every business nowadays. It is the main factor of competition between various related companies since the level of ROI (return on investment) depends on it.

It is a known fact that over 90 percent of clicks go to the first page of Google search results, and 40 percent of them go to the first three results. Correct SEO setup will help you avoid the situation when your site is lost in the depths of search pages and will give you a significant opportunity to boost your business. Therefore, in no case should you neglect the SEO. It is a long-term strategy but will considerably help you.  And we will tell you how to do that.

Make your content perfect

The very first thing that is important to mention is that you should not contribute content quality for a better SEO level and keyword count. Undoubtedly, you will improve the search results of your website, but if content is not good-looking to your leads – what’s the point? Besides, every day Google bots are getting smarter, and it is getting easier to expose such sites, aimed only at SERP and not content. Thus, everything happens exactly the opposite – If the content is engaging to people, you will get better search results.

Optimizing your website content can be categorized as follows:

  • Regular blog updates.
  • Focusing on the most important pages
  • Correct selection of keywords
  • Matching headings

Regular blog updates

Unique, high-quality content significantly increases lead conversion. It is best to post content to your blog every day, although this can be a significant financial investment. The minimum posting frequency should be once a week. Longer breaks can negatively affect lead conversions.

Let’s focus on what’s important.

There is no point in promoting About Us, Checkout, or other secondary pages by using unique content. Allow yourself to focus on the most important pages that should be # 1 on the SERP. Thus, you will make your work easier, save your budget, and speed up the indexing of your site by search bots. You can use the robots.txt file to hide some pages from search engines.


Choosing the right keywords has a vast impact on search engine rankings. If the keywords are selected correctly, people who need your business will discover your business. It will increase lead generation, lead conversion, and will boost your business.

Many services will help you choose the right keywords. The most popular of them are Google Ads Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, BrightEdge. Using these programs, you can easily find the right keywords, the complexity of the ranking of these keywords, the volume of each in the text. For new websites or websites with low SERPs, recommended to use a low keyword volume. It will facilitate their initial promotion.

Also, when choosing keywords, you should avoid homonyms to avoid visits to your site by non-target audience.


Using the correct H2 and H3 headings also helps Google rank your site correctly in the search engines. By including keywords into headings, it will be easier for Google to understand the heading matches the text.

Optimize titles and meta description to bring more clicks

Some people do not attach much importance to the optimization of Titles and Meta description, but this is a big mistake. These two factors are simple at first glance but significant in the context of SEO optimization.


One of the most significant factors in SEO and Google ranking are titles. Title is the blue inscription that appears in the search results, and it matters both for search bots and for humans looking for your service or product. The title should contain no more than 60 characters and include keywords and phrases that will be understandable to humans and, as a result, to bots to ensure appropriative ranking in search engines.

Meta descriptions

The text that appears in the search results under the title is the meta description. Your job is to make it as relevant as possible to the needs of your potential lead. The meta description should be no more than 150 characters and should be clear and easily understandable. And even though the meta description does not matter on the ranking in the search engines, it is a highly important thing for the user who chooses which of the proposed links to follow. It is also worth adding keywords there.

Add ALT text to images

Search bots cannot “see” in the usual sense, and to understand an image posted on a website, they need to “read” it. It is what ALT texts are used for. ALT should contain keywords or phrases and also be short and concise. Correctly configured ALT texts increase the accessibility of your content, so you shouldn’t neglect them.

Pay attention to social media pages

Social media pages primarily increase your brand awareness. When people share your content on their page, other users also see it, and thus you increase the chance of getting a new lead. That is why it is a good idea to install a social media button on your blog.

Social media pages can also affect SEO quality. Although they are not used directly in Google’s algorithms, bots still see all shared content on social media so it will have a positive effect on the ranking of your website.

Also, creating a page for your product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter could be useful – you will increase the reach of the audience and facilitate the sharing of visual content because, with visual fixation, brand awareness increases even more.

Find high-quality links

By linking your site’s content to a domain that has high authority, you automatically increase the confidence of your site as well, and thereby show that you are providing valuable information and increase trust from Google bots. At the same time, if you add too many links to your content or use untrusted and not relevant sources, it will seem that you are trying to manipulate the search engine algorithm, and there will not be a positive result. Thus, always use high-quality links that are relevant to your content.


SEO is an outstanding tool to boost your business. Always keep an eye on the quality of content and keywords, fill the Titles and Meta, add ALT texts and don’t forget about social media pages and links. Follow the tips above and you will increase your website traffic and improve the conversion rate. 1MDE team is always ready to help you with the SEO of your site. Our company has many years of SEO experience and each of our specialists is highly qualified and ready to implement your project at the highest level. Never underestimate SEO as this tool can really increase your sales and boost your business.


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