Project management

Producing a compelling video is akin to erecting a building. It needs an intelligent combination of skilled professionals such as artists, each contributing a peculiar input to a holistic aesthetic visualization.

Our impactful project management spearheads, plans, mobilizes, feeds, pays, insures, secures and leads all of these professionals to ensure they’re all working toward the common objective.
1MDE boasts of a world-class team of line producers, production managers, and field producers who are highly experienced in all the phases of project management which include planning, monitoring, budgeting, scouting, managing crew, backing up files, promoting, and hiring to ensure that each process is aligned with the client’s expectation and conforms to the existing regulations.
We are an all-inclusive video production brand. We understand your needs and will work with you. When a project gets the go-ahead, 1MDE staff gets the ball rolling, brainstorming and unearthing the details down to its nitty-gritty and acting as the springboard through which the other specialists can commence their tasks.
Our producers will be stationed on set, working rigorously in the thick of things. With the poverty of time, they have one mission: to accept only the best film.
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What we do?

  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Script Writing
  • Broadcast Promos
  • Casting
  • Pre-Production
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Equipment
  • Camera Crews
  • Live-Action Shoots
  • Brand Videos
  • Movie Trailers
  • Web Commercials
  • Visual Effects
  • Concert Visuals

What will you get?

  • High-quality, authentic footage
  • Professional production team that will craft a game-changing video for you.

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