Graphics packages

Having an excellent graphics package can change a program from “done” to “OMG.” 1MDE will take all your requirements into account to create a complete graphics render that reflects the tone and theme of your story to alluring effects.

Here at 1MDE, we design packages for specific TV shows and series that are compatible with different outlets. We’ll craft a complete outlook for all aspects of a full-fledged brand campaign. At your request, we will produce a harmonized package based on your budget. Our ever-reliable team of specialists is there for graphics packages such as: Independent Film, Internet Videos, Training Videos, Industrial Videos, Promotional Videos, Corporate Videos and more! Here at 1MDE, we are 100% tech savvy as we boast of state-of-the-art digital tools as well as robust applications in our production arsenal. Our team designs pro-level motion design and motion graphics to 3D modeling, visualization, rendering, and compositing, showing expertise in the nitty-gritty of manipulating keyframes. We will make your head spin with gobsmacking visuals and game-changing image quality with our unbeatable proficiency in such cutting-edge tools as After Effects, Maya 3D, Video-Fuel, CAD, not forgetting, the world-renowned Adobe Creative Suite. Our fabulous graphics packages include: Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Stereoscopic 3D, Video Finishing. 1MDE award-winning graphics team is buoyed by the crème de la crème of Philadelphia’s finest film, TV, and video professionals. It’s a list of top-line talent, artists and gurus which include: Animators, Producers, Art Directors, Video Editors At 1MDE, we design graphics that shake up the graphics world and hit the nail on the head first-time. Are you ready to rock on and create an awe-inspiring project? Do you want an economical visual package with the best results? Let 1MDE offload all the techy stress and provide your graphics needs. It’s your time to shine! Call us at +1 (267) 810-7964 or visit our contact page.

What we do?

  • Show opens
  • Graphic transitions
  • Lower thirds
  • Show closes with credits
  • Logo animation
  • Station IDs
  • Interstitials
  • Bugs
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Transitions
  • Specialty shots

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