1MDE is a leading full service marketing company. The goal and primary purpose of our work is to deliver result, that will be satisfactory for the clients.

Starting from the strategy for your company we develop all components of successful lead or sales generation platform. Analysis of your company is our first step. During the process we dive into your business and see how can we achieve the biggest exposure through implementation of our services.

At the same time we are doing analysis of market and your competitors. Your goal is to be number 1. We understand, and to achieve this goal we are developing the upscale and modern website utilizing knowledge and experience of our strategists, SEO specialists, designers, developers, marketers and making unique company branding through the leading trends in video production.

Through the process we are taking care of every step: from creation a lead, we helping to convert it into a sale. Great relations with the leading specialists in the sphere gives us a chance to do this job for you, so even right implementation of lead tracking systems will be recommended and implemented by us per your request.

We are not typical web development, digital marketing or video production agency.

We are 1MDE, the leading name in Marketing business!

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