Color correction

Do you want to transform your video from a drab promotional piece into a cinematically dynamic render? Do you need to make your footage less boring by spicing it up with appropriate lighting, color, and exposure? Make a bold decision today and let us fix your color correction issues.

We approach color correction in two ways: primary and secondary color grading. The former is a holistic approach to enhancing the video’s color while the latter fixes specific issues such as adding effects, removing grains, or making blurs.
We use color correction to repair images for footages to ensure that your video has a cinematic quality.
Many corporate videos are bland and lifeless, making customer interest short-lived. 1MDE will work with you to ensure that your video evokes the right mood and breaks the boredom barrier by adjusting sharpness and exposure. Our experts enhance your corporate goals by creating cinematic videos by applying diverse digital techniques such as masks, power windows, and mattes, to ramp things up.

What we do?

  • White balance fixing
  • Visual coherence and stabilization
  • Excessive exposure fixing
  • Frame-by-frame matching
  • Facial enhancements
  • Professionally calibrated tools

What will you get?

  • Improved quality and color accuracy for your videos
  • Standardized settings for the video to fit average display better
  • Professional balance of shadows and lights

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