February 28

Video finishing

We are a first-class post-production facility, adept at managing every facet of video creation, from its development through to video finishing, quality control, and distribution. Once a video’s content is complete and ratified by the executives, 1MDE quality control specialists add finishing touches to the final presentation. Video finishing enables our team to corroborate every …
February 28

Color correction

Do you want to transform your video from a drab promotional piece into a cinematically dynamic render? Do you need to make your footage less boring by spicing it up with appropriate lighting, color, and exposure? Make a bold decision today and let us fix your color correction issues. We approach color correction in two …
February 28

3D animation

In the right hands, 3D animation’s modeling stimulates the mind and delivers an impactful message in a concise manner to the target audience. 3D animations showcase the main points of the story with clarity for easier comprehension. At 1MDE, we use computer-generated imagery to create exact movements of body parts and the environment and can …
February 28

Motion graphics

Do you need a visually alluring, extraordinary design for your graphics? Do you want to add a fresh breath of depth to your video? Let 1MDE Productions design show you how good your brand can look with motion graphics. At 1MDE, motion graphics are crucial to video production as your design is the first thing …
February 28

Video editing

At 1MDE, we blend expertise in the art of filmmaking through various inputs to create a bold story back up by first-class cinematic production. 1MDE finalizes your video with industry-leading software that will take your video to unprecedented heights. Our well-decorated group of world-class video editors will work wonders with their endless supply of creativity, …
November 2

Graphics packages

Having an excellent graphics package can change a program from “done” to “OMG.” 1MDE will take all your requirements into account to create a complete graphics render that reflects the tone and theme of your story to alluring effects. Here at 1MDE, we design packages for specific TV shows and series that are compatible with …

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