November 2

Concept development

1MDE offers concept development services for corporate and commercial entities such as entertainment, media, finance, and technology firms. Our creative, multidisciplinary, and multifunctional team consists of an assortment of world-class professionals who are internationally recognized for their groundbreaking efforts. Writers, designers, editors, directors, technicians, producers and much more, comprise our highly esteemed professionals who rely …
February 28

Creative direction

Creative direction is a demanding and complicated domain we would love to help you with Producing high-quality video demands vast amounts of artistic dexterity from a pool of highly specialized people.It also needs an all-encompassing creative vision to orchestrate this wealth of creativity, overseeing all the concepts and resources, and channeling it to ensure an …
February 28

Project management

Producing a compelling video is akin to erecting a building. It needs an intelligent combination of skilled professionals such as artists, each contributing a peculiar input to a holistic aesthetic visualization. Our impactful project management spearheads, plans, mobilizes, feeds, pays, insures, secures and leads all of these professionals to ensure they’re all working toward the …

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